Website Design

Website DesignEnsure your website is beautiful and functional. Your website. Your way. 


Website development typically consists of the following: 

  • Research

GYST Media will begin by assigning a researcher to your project who will study the competitive landscape. Who are your competitors? How much traffic do they get? How do they get their traffic? What are their most successful keywords? How much competition is there for those keywords? The end result will be a comprehensive list of key words and phrases that are uniquely suited to your business to drive targeted traffic

  • Functional Design

After the keywords have been identified, GYST Media will begin consulting with our client to begin the design process, creating a site that is uniquely suited to the client. At this point we will formalize the features of the site. Are there memberships? Is there a payment process? Do we need photo galleries? Do we need advertising, or customer reviews, or integrated maps. Working with the client we will indentify and design all of the features for project.

  • Layout and Design

The process of Layout and Design is more art than science. GYST Media's designers will take existing artwork from the client and develop a design aesthetic that is consistent with the brand and conveys the subtle  character and culture of their business. This includes items such as a color palette, graphics, fonts and more. At the end of this process we will have an artist's palette that can be given to a developer for implementation.

  • Implementation

The final step of the Activate process is implementation. At this point we will begin placing code onto the Content Management System, such as WordPress or Joomla!, incorporating all of the features, design elements and all of the keywords and phrases identified in the research. Careful attention will be paid to the keywords, placing the best possible words and phrases in titles, categories, header tags, meta keywords, and in the content of the text. The result is a site that is fully optimized for search engines and a perfect expression of the client's brand.


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