Pearl Bids

PearlBids is a downloadable software product that allows people to manage silent auctions. The software was created by another GYST Media client, Oakgrounds, and required a brand new site to be created from scratch. is a brand new website and there were no existing features or styles to draw upon when creating this website. When in this situation there is always a period of ideation, where we imagine all of the possibilities for the website, its features and its design. Then we break those down, prioritize them and clarify in a cyclical process until we have distilled the essence of the site requirements. 


  • Front-end editing - Editors of this website can update and add new articles from the front-end, which is great for non-technical users.
  • Downloadable Software - The download requires that the user accept a terms of use and create an account.
  • Help System - As with most software systems, this one required some online help. We decided on a searchable set of FAQs.

Contact Us

2742 Heatherstone Drive
San Rafael, CA 94903
(415) 260-3141