Mary Silveira Elementary

 Mary E. Silveira Elementary School in Marinwood, CA had been struggling with a website built in Dreamweaver and had started to show its age. The new website needed bo be database driven to allow for dynamic content and easy updates. It also had to satisfy a constituency fo local parents who used the website despite all of its flaws.

The new website turned out beautifully. After consulting with stakeholders we came up with a proposed set of features to help the school. But, first and foremost, a website is a marketing tool, to convince prospective customers (parents in this case) that your organization is capable. We created a website that focused on the qualities of the school that made it such an attractive place to educate children and made it a viable alternative to private schools.


  • Animated Slide Show - Features stunning photos of local children overlaid with aspirational text.
  • Facebook Integration - Many of the schools announcements happen on facebook. The goal was to get all parents to "like" the facebook page and to bring those announcements dynamically onto the website.
  • Calendar - We created a beautiful calendar that can easily be updated by staff and view by parents.
  • Photo Galleries - We created a series of photo galleries that are being widely used to celebrate past school events.
  • Newsletter - The principal's newsletter is now published to the front page of the website and archived.
  • Search - All past newsletters and announcements are archived on the site and fully searchable.
  • Teacher Pages - Teachers had been finding 3rd party services to host their classroom material. The new website allows each teacher to manage their own pages.

Contact Us

2742 Heatherstone Drive
San Rafael, CA 94903
(415) 260-3141