Charlie Kleiman Stone Sculptor

Charlie Kleiman is a talented stone sculptor whose work has been shown in galleries and festivals across California, winning numerous awards along the way. He needed a website that could introduce people to his work and highlight his upcoming showings.

GYST Media began work on Charlie's site, knowing that there was a very specific budget limit, and worked fast to create a beautiful and clean website template that worked well with Charlie's style and highlighted his works in a beautiful gallery. We utilized RokGallery software to give Charlie a powerful gallery management software that presented photographs of his work in the most beautiful way possible.



  • Photo Gallery - We used an off-the-shelf product to give Charlie a beautiful photo gallery that needs minimal work.
  • Testimonials - We created a testimonials section, highlighting some of the reactions people have to Charlie's work.
  • Upcoming Events - Rather than publish a calendar, we opted for a beautifully laid out page highlighting his upcoming shows.
  • Contact - Utilizing the built-in Joomla platform functionality, plus Google Maps, we created a beautiful and functional contact page.

Contact Us

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