Camp Spotr

Camp Spotr is website that allows users to find, rate and share information about the best campgrounds in California. The website has thousands of campgrounds listed, incorporates a beautiful design and boasts some very cool features that make it a real standout.

Camp Spotr was designed to solve a vexing problem with existing sites. Namely, how to find a good campground and how to decide whether to visit. Camp Spotr solved this problem in several unique ways:

  • Reviews & Ratings - The first order of business was to get visitors to the Camp Spotr website to participate. People can rate campgrounds, review them and even upload pictures.
  • Context - It is very hard to get the feeling for a particular campground without good maps and pictures. We created google maps with panoramio photos that visitors could use to get the complete picture of a campground
  • Filter by Region - California is broken up into 12 distinct camping regions, each offering different types of camping experiences. Visitors to Camp Spotr can click on a region and see a list of all campgrounds in that region, plus an Google Map with all the campgrounds on it.
  • Filter by Amenities - Often, when searching for a campground users have specific requirements, so we built that into Camp Spotr. Visitors can select from over a dozen different criteria to get a list of campgrounds that meet their needs.

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