Bay Area Ridge Trail

The Bay Area Ridge Trail is a non-profit organization tasked with completing a series of trails connecting all of the San Francisco Bay Area as well as promoting the use of those trails. The website has several features that help to meet those goals, including a series on online maps, online giving, special events, news, staff, and much more.


  • Trail Maps - The Bay Area Ridge Trail consists of dozens of interconnected trails, all of which need to be linked and displayed according to local regions.
  • Online Giving - As a non-profit, fundraising is a very important feature of the site. There are numerous ways to give money and the site makes it all very easy.
  • Menu - The menu page is beautifully laid out with pictures and descriptions of items on the menu.
  • Newsletters - Visitors to the website can sign up to receive newsletters.
  • Events - An events calendar helps to publicize upcoming Ridge Trail events. 

Contact Us

2742 Heatherstone Drive
San Rafael, CA 94903
(415) 260-3141