Strategic Energy Innovations

 Strategic Energy Innovations (SEI) is a San Rafael based non-profit company whose mission is to help communities embrace sustainability. This challenging project required a lot of out-of-the box thinking to create a website that was uniquely suited to SEI.

Through a series of on-site interviews, we were able to identify the company's work processes and determine how to build a functional website that would improve their business processes and prospects. We were also able to get some insight into the SEI's unique company culture and we were able to use this information to create a website that was a beautiful reflection of their brand.

The result of this months long project is available at, and the client is thrilled to have a clean and modern website that continues to reflect their homegrown grassroots culture.


  • Stunning Slide Show - This stunningly beautiful slideshow incorporates an expansive and meaningful background picture, overlaid witha photo from the client and text describing SEI's program sectors.¬†
  • eCommerce - One of the primary reasons for an upgraded website was to incorporate online curriculum for sale/download and available ts a subscription. We were able to incorporate a beautifully simple eCommerce solution that fully meets their complex needs.
  • Social Marketing - Strategic Energy Innovations is a modern company that engages in social marketing on Facebook and Twitter. We incorporated RSS, Facebook and Twitter into their site to give them a leg up on the competetive social media marketing landscape.
  • Dynamic Modules - One of the clients mission critical requests was the ability to enter something just once and have it appear all over the site, in the article position, in the news section, in module sidebars, in RSS feeds, etc. With some clever programming we have been able to meet this need and save the client a lot of time and effort going forward.

Contact Us

2742 Heatherstone Drive
San Rafael, CA 94903
(415) 260-3141