• Best Western Hotel

    The Best Western Pier Point Inn in Florence Oregon has been with GYST Media for 6 years. We have redeveloped the site a few times over the years, adding features and design elements along the way. The company had no website at all and need to drive more hotel reservations. We built a highly optimized website to help them surpass their goal.

  • Buildwell Library

    The BuildWell Library is an extension of the Eco-Build Network and provides an extensive library of documents regarding ecological building practices. The library allows users to create accounts, upload library documents and comment on existing documents. It has swelled to hundreds of items and is used across the world by ecological building practitioners.

  • Elkington Building Company

    Elkington Building Company has been in the contracting business for 5 generations. The company had an aging website and did not show off their wonderful work and their attention to detail. The goal was to build a site that was a good reflection on the company and showcased their work in a positive light.

  • JW Rigney Construction

    JW Rigney has been in business "Building the Bay Area" for over 20 years. The company had a very old flat HTML website which was showing signs of its age and did not represent JW Rigney well. The goal was to provide a state-of-the-art site that allowed JW Rigney to show off their impressive portfolio of work and to keep it up to date.

  • Scott Swann Contracting

    Scott Swann is a contractor based in San Rafael, CA, who had never had a website and was unsure that it could be of any value to his business. But his doubts have been eliminated. Shortly after launching his website the clients came knocking. 

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