WordPress vs. Joomla!

MarketWordPress, Joomla! and Drupal are all open-source content management systems. Which is right for you?


If you don't do this for a living it can be hard to pick between WordPress, Joomla! and Drupal content management systems. On the surface they all appear to do the same thing. They are free. They are open-source. They have a vast library of plugins/add-ons. They are somewhat easy to use. They are compatible with most major hosting companies. They have thousands of templates/themes to choose from. So how do you decide?

The short answer is, it doesn't matter. Truly. It doesn't matter. You won't find any fatal flaw with any of these platforms.

I've built dozens of sites some on Joomla! some on WordPress. As a developer, I can tell you that they are both great. Drupal as well, though I have less experience with it. The interface and conceptual framework for Joomla! and WordPress are quite different, but they are both very easy to use and they will both cost about the same to build. You'll be able to get a beautiful site and get all the features you desire regardless of which platform you select.

If you still can't decide, here's my advice: ask your developer what he prefers. Go with that.

If you don't have a developer and you are doing this on your own, then I recommend using WordPress and a host that specializes in WordPress like WPEngine or MediaTemple. The combination of these hosts and WordPress offer a powerful combination for newbies that you can't find with Joomla! Plus, if you get stuck, WordPress is a more widely used platform and you'll have an easier time finding a local pro.

I hope that helps. Happy website building!

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